Does anyone know of colleges that offer direct entry nurse practitioner programs?

By direct entry programs i mean ones that require you to have a bachelors degree but not a nursing degree. I want to look into attending one but so far I have only found 2 colleges that offer them which are both in Boston. Does anyone know if there are more colleges that offer this?

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    7 months ago

    Those programs will likely have you get a bachelors degree first and then an NP degree anyway. You literally cannot be a NURSE practitioner without being a nurse first. It would probably be the same as entering an accelerated BSN program, and then applying to an NP school after graduation.

    It’s really sad/irritating that people are trying to skip the important phase of being an RN and just want to jump straight to the long white coat. What makes nurse practioners so unique is their bedside nursing experience. It’s what seperates them from PAs and doctors.

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    • A_Roberts67 months agoReport

      Also the first year of a direct entry NP program is getting your RN license and then you start working as a RN to gain experience while continuing with the classes for your masters. Nobody is skipping the phase of being an RN first since it is required to gain your RN license before becoming an NP.

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  • 7 months ago

    U. of San Francisco

    Ohio State

    Azusa Pacific

    Vanderbilt School of Nursing

    Seattle U.

    If you could narrow down your search area, people might be more helpful.

    Anyway, search for "direct entry DNP program" and you might have better luck with your research.

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  • 7 months ago

    Try University of New Hampshire

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