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My parents don’t have rules for me. Is that weird? Is it maybe because I’m an only child?

I’m 15 and I notice that most people my age have rules they have to follow. That’s not really the case for me. My parents let me come and go whenever I want as long as I let them know where I’m going and stay in touch. They never tell me when I have to be home by. They don’t give me chores. They let me manage my own schedule (during the school year I wake myself up, get a ride to school from my parents, get picked up by then, and then come home and do my homework and take a shower and go to sleep when I choose to. It seems like it works out ok for me. I usually try to get home before dark since I don’t like walking in the dark. My grades in school are good. I had a 4.0 last semester. I get plenty of sleep (I love sleep <3 hahaha). My relationship with my parents are good. I don’t really go out much. Usually just to watch a movie with friends on a weekend or go to the mall or for special occasions. Do you think my parents are like this because I’m an only child? None of my friend’s parents are like this. My friend’s mom literally has a tracking app called Life360 on her phone.

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  • edward
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    5 months ago

    My parents were like that with me. They were strict with my sister though, she can’t go out past midnight, unless she’s with me. I’m the youngest but they gave me more freedom than they gave her

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    "as long as I let them know where I’m going and stay in touch."

    That's a rule. If you stopped letting them know where you were going, or if they didn't hear from you for hours at a time, they would institute more rules.

    Like you, I was a responsible teen and my parents didn't have to impose a lot of external structure on my routine because I was good at regulating myself. If you stopped acting responsibly, they'd regulate more of your behavior.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Oh okay Mr. Miranda man. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. What's really weird is that you have to brag about how perfect your life is every five minutes. Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself here.

  • LizB
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    5 months ago

    Sounds to me like they don't make strict rules for you because they don't need to. You're not overly impulsive, you manage your time and basic needs (like sleep) in a sensible way, and you're doing well academically. Why should your parents come down on you with a bunch of rules and restrictions when they don't really have to? Chances are they've had trust on your maturity and common sense since you were quite young, and now that you're older feel comfortable extending more freedom to you than parents of other kids your age.

    Honestly, I grew up an only child and my parents were much the same (I had a *few* more rules, but cell phones also weren't ubiquitous then so it was more important for them to know exactly where I was), and now raising my own kids, my son is turning out to be a kid like you. He's always had good impulse control, he's patient (usually), he's good about getting enough to eat and enough sleep and communicating his feelings and needs. I imagine when he's older he'll probably be allowed a longer leash than some of his peers, which I'll be happy to give him as long as he doesn't abuse it.

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    Not only do you have rules imposed on you (like keeping your parents informed where you are) but you give yourself rules and follow those rules better than most people (getting good grades, chosing to do your homework, and chosing to be home mostly before dark.) You dont need extra rules because you are doing what is expected. I say thats a good thing, but some people would argue.

  • 5 months ago

    It’s because they don’t love you

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