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How come wind farms in Germany are going exceptionally well?


Wind power in Germany is a growing industry. The installed capacity was 55.6 gigawatt (GW) at the end of 2017, with 5.2 GW from offshore installations. The wind power share of the country's total electricity generation was estimated at 9.3% in 2010, 10.6% in 2011,13.3% in 2015, and 18.7% in 2017.

Update 2:

More than 26,772 wind turbines were located in the German federal area by year end 2015, and the country has plans for further expansion.As of the end of 2015 Germany was the third largest producer of wind power in the world by installations, behind China and the USA.[8] Germany has also a number of notable turbine manufacturers, like Enercon, Nordex and Senvion, further strengthening the PR view of wind power.

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    Wind farms make sense.

    Most European nations are heavily dependent on fuel imports. That also means they are subject to fluctuating market pricing and security-of-supply risks. It is currently the case that producing energy by onshore wind farms is actually cheaper than CCGT gas power plants. Offshore wind farms are slightly more expensive at the moment.

    Wind turbines are fossil fuel saving devices. When a country like Germany can produce more than 18% of its energy by wind, that means they're using less gas or oil. Most of that wind energy is from onshore wind farms which means it is actually cheaper to produce power using wind turbines. It also means they are less susceptible to market pricing of gas/oil and less dependent on foreign powers to supply them with it. Wind energy has broad support from the German public and provides around 40,000 jobs.

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      Boring ... like the giant syringe I have waiting for you when you need a booster shot in a buttock.

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    probably thanks to all their coal power plants.

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    because they are smart!

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    Lotsa wind .

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    to make the fossil fuel industry and their soldiers of misinformation angry

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    I believe they have a lot of wind in Germany right now. Its called THE EU. ;-)

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    Wind is unreliable and needs to have all of the backup generation in place so the cost of any energy generated is in addition to what was already there. There is a cost to built windmills and generators and it takes land and energy to install them. Germans subsidize the solar and wind hiding much of the cost. Any excesses will be sent to nearby countries that don't have as much. Intermittent electricity is mandated to have priority which means that it unfairly competes with other less expensive options. It isn't going well at all. It is costing Germans dearly. It is just a matter of time before they get tired of their expensive and ugly windmills IMO. Wind and solar are shrines to the leftist cult and therefore are erected by leftist politicians and leftists themselves much like minarets are constructed in the middle east regardless if they make sense or not. They make them feel like they are saving the planet.

    Daro's chart is instructive. They are literally paying 3 times what the US pays. I know much of that goes into their version of the swamp. What is about you leftists that you are so eager to give money to swamp creatures. They do nothing for you but give you empty promises.

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    They pay for them, and I bet they have pretty good wind in some areas.

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    Your question propagates the usual distortions:

    Installed capacity is the nameplate capacity of the devices added together. It is a theoretical concept that is never realised in practice. Wind turbines usually produce only about a quarter of their rated capacity over their life.

    Quoting electricity generation ignores the fact that the figures need to be divided by up to three if you want to give a view of percentage of total energy usage.

    The only reason the percentage of energy production is so high is that when the turbines over produce they sell the excess to neighbouring countries and when they under-produce they buy back electricity from those same countries.

    Nearby countries with convenient mountains make a fortune from that process. They buy the German electricity at a knock down price, pump lots of water up hill for a while, then when Germany runs short they let the water come down again through a turbine and sell them back the electricity at a much higher price. In fact, I seem to recall that sometimes the Germans have to pay to get the electricity taken away (I would need to check that).

    Basically, if neighbouring countries were also reliant on wind power the figures for Germany would be nowhere as good. Germany does not need to use batteries to smooth the peaks because their neighbours do that for them so they save that cost and avoid the recycling and space issues.

    Their electricity is still among the most expensive in the world even though they did not need to install loads of batteries and have not worked out how much it will cost to decommission the turbines in a few years when they wear out.

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      Germ. IS one of the highest energy cost countries. While France with near 80% nukes , and the US (all of the above so far) are at the bottom of cost chart.

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    Are they funded voluntarily, or by threatening non-consenting persons with being caged, bashed, stabbed and raped?

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