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Who is the current chair of the Joint Congressional Committee on Congressional Affairs?

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  • 5 months ago

    you're a dick. stop commenting on other people's questions asshole.

  • Pat
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    There is no such thing.

  • Jeff D
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    5 months ago

    There's no such committee, at least currently. There may have been a temporary committee with that name at some point in the past.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    There is NO SUCH joint committee.

    Joint Committees

    The joint committees are made up of both senators and representatives. They typically have an oversight or policy role but no legislative duties.

    [*] Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    [*] Joint Committee on Printing

    [*] Joint Committee on Taxation

    [*] Joint Committee on the Library

    [*] Joint Economic Committee

    While the Joint Committees on Printing and the Library have nominal responsibility for oversight of the Government Publishing Office and the Library of Congress, respectively, the committees are essentially defunct and oversight takes place within the majority party leadership of each chamber.

    Here is the list of Congressional Committees. see link below

    Source(s): htts://
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