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What can you tell me about this man?

Please, I'm interested what the aspects say about his emotional and sexual side as well as about the proffesional profile?

What kind of partner would suit him and what he's attracted to?

What draws your attention while looking at this particular chart?


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    He comes across as rather gracious/smooth … but he is very independent and has a hard time committing. Would rather do things on his own than a partner, and is not inclined to think about how his partner would feel before he takes action. (Libra Ascendant, Aries Descendant, Venus conjunct Uranus).

    Looking at all the factors and how they play together .. he is rather distant, perhaps a bit cold (despite first coming across as charming) .. interested mostly in getting his way. Given to short-term strong infatuations.

    He is very manipulative, in subtle ways (Sun in square aspect with Pluto). He may even had anger issues and be violent (Mars conjunct Uranus).

    He falls in love very quickly but doesn’t see the woman realistically .. and when she cannot live up to his unrealistic ideals he gets bitter hurt. (Venus conjunct Uranus and Neptune). He has a strong sex drive (yes, even for a man) and may have trouble remaining faithful) (Mars conjunct Venus). And may fall OUT of love as quickly as he falls IN love (Venus conjunct Uranus).

    And the relationships that draw him are ones that benefit him or increase his status in some way.

    He prefers to not face his emotions and likes to be objective, friendly yet distant. (Sun-Mercury in Aquarius).

    Yet he is very kind with his friends, and is generous with his time and help … but he will help them help themselves, rather than do it for them (Jupiter in Virgo in 11th house, trine his Capricorn planets). He is actually kinder to his friends, and more interested in his friends … than he is with his lover/partner. She will have to be very self-sufficient, flexible, and independent if she is going to be happy with him … and the more she hopes he will make her happy, the more she wants or needs from him, the more she will be unhappy with him.

    Relationships either never start, or die out with 1-2 years, UNLESS one person has their Ascendant or Descendant within 8 degrees of the other person’s Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. And with his Aquarius/Uranus emphasis in his chart, he may be on-off with someone even if it lasts, and he may not want to ever commit.

    Professionally …. Cancer on the Midheaven indicates some sort of domestic/real-estate/emotional-nurturing kind of job. Ruler Moon is in Taurus, so this will be a practical kind of work (maybe dealing with property rather than emotions), and in the 7th, he is likely to go into a business partnership with someone (maybe with his spouse) … or marry someone who has a business that he joins and takes over.

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    He looks like a straight shooter except for where he stole a candy bar when he was a kid down there in mars. He does seem repentant though in Sagittarius , which is a plus. Sorta anyway.

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