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Was the death penalty carried out twice in Israel, almost a 3d time?

I always thought the only person who was killed by the state of Israel was Eichmann for mass murder. But, recently I heard that Meir Tobiasnki was hanged by the state of Israel after being convicted of Espionage. Kozo Okamtot plead guilty to the Lod Airport Massacre in Tel Aviv and , in so, avoid a death sentence.

So the state wanted to impose the sentence a couple of times?

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    PM Benjamin Netanyahu once openly stated that the courts should consider the death penalty for a particularly brutal Palestinian terrorist who either massacred a family or raped and killed a little girl. I can't quite remember.

    It of course made headlines but ultimately had little effect on the judicial process. The left wing of the country were naturally very alarmed that the PM felt this was an acceptable comment to make on an ongoing trial.

    As for Meir Tobiansky, he was executed for treason in an extra-judicial process, by firing squad, during wartime. His execution has since been ruled as a wrongful execution. He has also been cleared of all charges posthumously.

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    thats just the way they do things there

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    Correct - sort of.

    Tobianski was executed during wartime by a Court Martial, not a civilian court. Also, it was under British law, held over from the Mandate, rather than Israeli law.

    After that, the death penalty in Israel was abolished in the '50s for everything beside war crimes.

    Eichmann was convicted and executed for war crimes, and was the last person executed by any court in Israel. John Demjanjuck was convicted and sentenced to death in 1988, but his conviction was overturned on appeal.

    No death penalty has been sought since then.

    Okamoto avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty, but I can find nothing to say that Israeli prosecutors tried to get it otherwise, given concerns about his sanity and competence.

    Very interestingly, this was directly related to the Final Jeopardy clue tonight.

    Adolph Eichmann was the correct response.

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