Hubs thinks Christmas in July would be a "lame" idea. Please read the details.?

There's a young man in church who aged out of foster care a year ago. He had been raised by his grandmother but she had a stroke when he was 10.

He graduated from HS last year, and his grandmother's health was rapidly declining. And even though he wanted to enlist in the military, he didn't want to leave her.

She died last April or May. Then he started the enlistment process.

Last weekend he went for his physical and vocational testing and picked his job.

He was told that if he wanted to celebrate Christmas this year, it better be Christmas in July, because in December he'll probably be in basic training.

SO that gave me an idea. Why not have Christmas in July for him? Have a party with gifts. Set up a Christmas tree. Try to find some egg not and have Christmas cookies Play some carols.

Hubs says that a 19 yo guy would find the whole thing to be lame.

Hubs has sort of adopted him as a kid brother. He got him to join the church baseball league. We have him over a few times a month. So I thought he'd be behind this idea.

Hubs just wants to wait until he's about ready to leave for basic training and take him out for a nice dinner or have a nice dinner for him at the house.

So is my idea lame? I'm very interested in hearing from guys in that age range

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    1 year ago
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    I think Christmas is a good idea any day

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