How does the mouse clicking system work in mass effect 2 dialogue?

In mass effect 2 there is a mouse icon that comes up momentarily and usually when I click it my shop does positive things. My question is that does shep do positive things because they are more leaning to paragon or is it that I click on one mouse button? If I were to click on the other one, would my shep do something negative? How does that all work?

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  • 4 months ago
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    It's part of the "morality" system. Paragon, which is show in blue, is morally good/pure choices. While Renagade, which is shown in red, is morally bad/evil choices. This morality system gives some added bonuses to skills, further diolog options, and peoples opinions to you. It is best to only focus on one of them in order to have it maxed out. Focusing on both of them won't allow you to max any of them out, and some situations in the game require you to have one or the other maxed to gain special options.

    Mass Effect had the morality system, however it's paragon and renagade could only be increased through chat diolog. Mass Effect 2 and 3 had the "quick time even" trigger to further increase it. So when you click your mouse button, what ever one you did will add into that system.

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