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my husband says i have "cheeto titties". should i divorce him?

so craig and i have been married for fifteen years now. we haven't been as intimate as we used to be back when we weren't dead inside. today, he walked in while i was dressing and said that i have "cheeto titties". is this grounds for divorce? the spark between us died a long time ago, and this was just borderline offensive. what should i do?

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  • 7 months ago

    Girl! Why is Craig being like this?! If you don’t feel a spark with your husband either try to spice it up or talk to him about it. If you no longer love him or have any care for him at all, maybe you need to think about leaving him. Craig should not being telling you you have Cheeto ****. That’s just degrading and rude. And you should tell him he and a tiny Cheeto dick if he wants to play it like that.

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