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Gilbert’s Syndrome question?

Heya, so I was recently, just before summer started, informed that I have a liver problem that makes it hard for my body to get rid of bilirubin. It doesn’t cause a lot of physical issues, only very slight yellow eyes if I don’t sleep or eat well.

I can’t drink alcohol or take some medications as it could damage my liver but I have a question,

My doctors are useless when it comes to question as it’s ‘a mild, benign disorder that doesn’t pose any threat to your health’ and I keep asking whether my bilirubin can be linked to both my high functioning depression and generalised anxiety disorder?

I’d ask a doctor but I think I’ve already asked them all and they just kinda laugh it off and say I need to stop worrying about it it’s not that serious. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF IT COUOD CUASE, OR MAKE MY ANXIETY WORSE I KNOW ITS NOT SERIOUS.

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    No, Gilberts is very benign and its not linked to your depression and anxiety--they are telling you the truth. It will not impact your anxiety except for you obsessing on it.

    Source(s): ER PA with Gilberts
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