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How should I tell my mom I need to get a psych evaluation..?

I'm 18 and was hospitalized for bipolar depression when I was 16. At the time I was in high school and the counselor recommend to my mom that I get checked out which led to my stay in the mental hospital. Recently I've been going way down hill. I need to get evaluated? even though I'll most likely get locked up again. I don't really care because I'm scared if I don't get help now I'll end up in a even darker place...

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    You're eighteen and legally an adult. You can schedule your own appointment.

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    I hear you i'm diagnosed with scitzophrenia and I'm sure this ain't the place to say this but I was suicidal before I got help but more importantly I also robbed a store once so I can go to jail so I could protect myself from me long story short ya go get the help with the right medication you prolly wont wanna get locked up long story short I was in a horrible mental state now I'm doing excellent mainly because idk if it's cool for me to say this might be putting what I got going in jeoporady but you can get on disability if it turns out your bi-polar which makes it where u get paid to be disabled

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    As you are 18 and an adult you need not consult your mom. You may make any arrangements yourself.

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