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My sister is mentally ill, she made me suicidal and insecure. She treats my parents horribly. How do i diagnose her? Help!?

Growing up, she told me I was ugly and fat and gross and stupid. I became so insecure and anorexic when i was in 6th grade! She always told me I was dumb and stupid and that I “can never get it” so it gradually developed into tremendous anxiety before testing. She beats me up bad all the time (always did). I hate her more than anything. I lost the ability of having any care or respect towards her. I left for a year abroad, the most healthy decision i made.When I came back (still scarred) i found out she was still the same. She hates everyone and thinks they’re idiotic and gross. She is a vegan and has an OCD. She hates it when someone touches her. She treats her boyfriend who loved terribly. She is on the verge of cheating on him. She’s selfish.She lies to everyone. She just loves lying SO much! She shouts at my parents and disrespects them greatly And expects everyone (including my parents) to do everything for her even though she’s 21. and if someone doesn’t fo what she wants, she screams hell at them and causes so much trouble. She told me to go die and asked me why i returned home after a year abroad multiple times. When I got so suicidal I broke out and threatened it a while ago, she made fun of me, pushing me to committing it by saying: yeah, go do it, why are you still alive anyway.

I hate her so much I wanna kill myself or push her over the edge and making her end her own life if she doesn’t get treated or move out. What is she diagnosed with? So we could help her!

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    She just needs to face the thoughts or things that causes her to act such way. She needs to accept that she’s not superior and forgive herself for everything

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    You can diagnose your sister when you get a master's degree in psychology, which would make you a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are diagnosticians.

  • `
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    5 months ago

    Only a doctor can adequately diagnose and treat her symptoms. She needs to ask for help first. Why don't you move out?

  • Gert
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    5 months ago

    You can't diagnose her. She needs a psychiatrist. Sounds like you do too.

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  • 5 months ago

    You can't help her, she has to realize that she needs to change. She sounds fairly disturbed to me, the OCD being only one of her problems. She also sounds like she has narcissism or sociopathy, as she is cruel, abusive, manipulative and morally superior.

    I think she should be shunned by the family, If that's not likely, then you need to get away from her and lock her out of your life. I'd go so far as to prosecute her for criminal behavior.

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