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Are there any other famous self taught scientists like Michael Faraday?

Who did big things for science in their Era, I think Leonardo Da Vinci was one... any modern ones?

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    All famous scientists and engineers have been "self taught" because their ideas far transcended those of their teachers. To extend human knowledge someone has to go beyond anything that is currently known.

    On the other hand those who rely on being taught can, at best, be a pale imitation of their teachers. Where some of what they think that they know is in fact a misinterpretation.

    Teaching has a place but relying upon it guarantees that you cannot progress humankind.

  • Tom
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    5 months ago

    Don't forget Thomas Edison.

    That's why Technological progress essentially STOPS when Governments become Socialist Dictatorships. he individual who has new and innovative ideas is suppressed, or impeded at best at making his ideas a reality---or even WORSE---might be imprisoned or killed. All advances tech is either imported or stolen from other countries where people are still free to make the most of themselves.

    • Andrew Smith
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      I think you have failed to read your history. Progress has continued under communists, sultans, kings, popes, and many other forms of government. Equally conformity stifles progress for its own sake. So our own society limits the TYPES of progress permissible.

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    Bill Gates. He dropped out of college and invented Microsoft and Windows. This changed the world.

  • oubaas
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    5 months ago

    For the past i dare say Galileo : the scientific approach to physics is fruit of boths its intuition and experimental method.

    More recently i dare say Von Newmann : the father of computers architecture !!

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  • Vaman
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    5 months ago

    Archimedes and Galileo did change the science


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    Ramanujan, Ampere, James Watt, the Wright brothers. Possibly Chas Darwin. Michael Dell dropped out of college, but I don't think "modern science" lends itself to self-teaching.

    Many others less prominent.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Rick Sanchez......

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