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My friend is mean?

so basically i was at his house and we were playing on the computer and he has a pet toad and i really want it because have no pets and so basically he let me hold it and the next morning it was time for me to go home so when my friend was in the bathroom i took the cage with the toad in it and started to leave his house with it and i started to walk home and my friend saw me and yelled at me asking what i was doing and i ran away from him with the toad cage and he chased me and i screamed at him to leave me alone and ran to my house and he continued chasing me screaming and i took the toad out of the cage and let it go in the forest and he started crying saying i had no right to do that so i grabbed the empty toad cage and threw it at him and it smashed. he went home crying and now he doesn’t talk to me anymore and i’m sad

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago
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    you need to stop stealing and being rnean to your friend

  • audrey
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    5 months ago

    What a little creep you are!

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