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Sleep apnea and BP?

He snores pretty loudly. He doesn't smoke, have a BMI over 35 or drink alcohol. He used to have high BP but nowadays with meds he is getting his BP down to a normal range like around 126/82 or 116/71. He also goes running and waking in the mornings and evenings. I asked a doctor (he is a pediatrician but he is very knowledgeable) and she said he has a low chance of contracting sleep apnea but he should control his snoring to lower his chances even more. My question is, what do you think?? Do you think he has a high, moderate or low chance of contracting sleep apnea??


I meant she is a pediatrician and she is very knowledgeable. And also for the STOP-BANG questionare, for pressure would you say yes for having high BP (because I want to calculate the risks for getting sleep apnea) even if you are having a normal BP nowadays with meds.

Update 2:

Oh and also. My family member said his doctor said he shouldn't take into account his BP because it is often not reliable and it would also not be reliable in my family member's case because he has different bone mass or something

Update 3:

Not BP, BMI. Sorry for the confusion lol

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    Moderate to high. Loud snoring is not a good sign because it could mean he has weak throat muscles which can lead to obstructive apnea. He’s a male which also increases his chance. If he’s obese to morbidly obese, he’s got a greater chance.

  • kelvin
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    1 year ago

    i think you need to have him see his family doctor and discuss about seeing a sleep doctor

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    1 year ago

    Most people with sleep apnea are overweight. But normal weight people can also have it.

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  • 1 year ago

    Loud snoring has nothing to do with it, I have always been a loud snorer even when I gave up smoking and I am 62 year old female, sounds like he is just a loud snorer like most guys and nothing to worry about.

  • Mark
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    1 year ago

    Let's HOPE he doesn't have a BMI over 35. I believe 30 would be considered "obese" and anything above "25" or so is considered "overweight".

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