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Smaller house vs. bigger house, which is better in the long run?

Looking to buy a home and my mother lives in a huge house, but I see how exhausting it is for her to keep up. My married friends live in a smaller home and seem happier. Which is better? Have my eyes on this cute 3 bed, one bath that's reasonably priced, but is 1100 square feet.

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    Depends all on you!

    Pros of smaller home-

    -Easier to clean and maintain

    -More energy and cost effective. Heat and cold air won't be spreading all over the home in unused rooms, You will have one bathroom and a kitchen sink, I'm assuming, so less money on water and lights. Plus, smaller homes heat up and cool down quicker than larger homes.

    -More intimate and cozier than a bigger home.


    -Less space to work with, so you'll have to get creative with furniture and kitchen items. Many smaller homes that have been updated seem to focus on the kitchen, so you may have more space there, but in case you don't, you can get hanging pot racks and roller carts to increase storage and space. Get rid of bulky bookcases and hang your own shelves.

    -One bathroom can suck for a family of even 3 people, but you can work around that.

    -Less space to entertain, if that's something you like to do.

    -Sometimes, depending on the area, smaller homes can be a pain to resell. All down to where the market is at the time and who's buying (if you consider selling). A lot of people, in America especially, think bigger is better. Many require/want at least 2 bathrooms.

    -If you're married and/or thinking about starting a family, it's pretty crazy how quickly you can outgrow your own home. Even if you're a collector, have certain hobbies that require lots of space, a smaller home may not be for you.

    So these are things you have to consider. I love my tiny home and don't need anything bigger than what I got.

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    Smaller house are easy to maintain and clean and bigger houses are harder to clean and maintain and paint and you have to do a lot of hiring because no normal person can squeegy the Windows when they are up a football field from the ground.

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    Totally up to you. Bigger homes grow in value faster..

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    5 months ago

    I prefer a larger house of at least 2,000 square ft. That's not even that big. I don't need any larger than this.

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    This is a subjective question only you can answer. But a larger house doesn't necessarily mean more upkeep because age and condition at the time of purchase matters. A smaller older home that hasn't been cared for well can be much harder to maintain that a new large home.

    Plus there is a big difference between what you may need in space compared to what you might desire. and in my opinion having more space than necessary is better because when more is necessary the option exists where as a smaller house doesn't give you that option.

    IMHO space in a house is a lot like having a larger income. Once you have it, you will use it.

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    Its totally your decision. There are pros and cons to each option...

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    The bigger house is usually better when you're young, in my opinion. I got a 4 bedroom as my first house, and lived in one10x11 room. I was able to rent a couple of the other rooms out to defray the mortgage, and when I got married, there was space for my wife's things, and eventually, our children.

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    You get what you like and can afford. If you don't fancy a huge house like your mother's, go for a smaller option. You have got to be happy with what you buy because you will live in it for a long time. Huge places are for huge families or people who prefer lots of space. You sound like you like the smaller type of dwelling.

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    5 months ago

    depends on how rnany people you have living there

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    5 months ago

    I prefer a smaller home with a good size yard. Yes smaller home would save you time on cleaning all so saves on your utilitie bills.

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