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Your thoughts on Pisces guys?

I know a couple of guys who are Pisces. Both are very sneaky, to the point that they spy on others and twist people's words. Anyone had the same experience? Just curious. I'm not saying all Pisces guys are like this, only the ones I know.

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    Pisces is ONLY their Sun signs.

    Yes, you are right Not all people with Sun in Pisces will be the same.

    In fact, no two people are astrologically identical, and the Sun sign (while very easy to find) is ONLY 2% of the entire astrological influences on a given individual.

    A "couple of guys" is about 9,998 people SHORT of having a large enough sample size to draw valid conclusions off of.

    and the sneakiness may have nothing to do with their Sun sign. Insecurity, low self-esteem, and self-centeredness ... SO common in young people ... can result in the behaviors you describe. The thing is to observe these "couple of guys" 30 years from now and see if they are still acting the same, or if they have grown up.

  • 5 months ago

    No. The ones I know aren't sneaky.

    I only came across two who were jealous of me but as Aaron mentioned with moon in cancer. Idk why Sun in Pisces and moon in cancer doesn't mesh well.

    The others are all good though and they are really calm and laid back. They can be very very talkative but that's ok if you like to listen. Usually they say intelligent things and they are not ignorant like say some religious person who is draining and arrogant as well as misinformed for example. But you get those in all signs.

    Like I know a very few Libra males who are very narrowminded and say others are. It's really draining because the more you help them the more destructive they get.

    Ignorant people are all sneaky in all signs and they are very very opinionated. When they ask me for my opinion I say I don't have one.

    Some say it's better to have an opinion than to have none. I say it's better not to have a wrong opinion than having it at all especially when it's so easy to have the right one.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    That’s easy... Avoid them and never think about them again.

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