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Why won’t my dog leave my bunny alone? She sits outside my door for hours even at night. And when i let her in she whines at its cage.. help?

She is a bichon-shitzu mix. She cries at my door and whines and sits there for hours on end. She barely listens to commands especially when i decide to let her in to stop the nonsense outside my door. She comes in and circles my bunnies cage and whined. Every once in a while she wags her tail but today she got serious and attempted a snap at the cage doors. My bunny does seem to mind her. He is 10 weeks old and pretty social. I have asked my friends who own bunnies and dogs and they had said they never had this problem. Someone please help! Is she jealous? Obsessed?

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    A dog needs to be trained -- taught -- what behavior is and what behavior is not acceptable towards a rabbit. Most dogs can be trained to get along with a rabbit. But some dogs have too high of a prey instinct to overcome. These dogs should not be allowed in the same room with a rabbit.

    The first step would be to teach your dog not to whine at the rabbit (or your door that is blocking access to the rabbit). If he cannot be trained to stop whining, then he cannot be trained to get along with your rabbit and must remain apart. He needs to not whine at the door, and - if you are able to accomplish that - then he needs to be trained to not whine at the cage either.

    I explain the process I've used to train my dogs to get along with my rabbits. You can check it out at the following page. Just bear in mind that it is a step-by-step process. If a dog cannot comply with any step along the way, then he should not continue to the next step. (For ex., if he can't stop whining, then he can't continue to the next phase.)

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      Okay, thank you. I will try this!

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    Prey drive.

    Don’t let her near the rabbit, it’s going to drive her nuts. Redirect her when she’s at the door, do an activity

  • Anonymous
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    Mix carrots in the pooch's food

    For it to stop tormenting the bunny, it has to become a bunny.

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    You must a be a child and very naive. Your dog is experiencing PREY DRIVE.

    It is due to the fact you have a baby rabbit and that is is caged (and looks sort of "disabled" or unable to "get away") UNLIKE outdoor wild rabbits. (This makes for a SUPER EASY KILL - the dog is not STUPID!)

    Some dogs enjoy simply chasing and slowly killing the prey, regardless of whether they are hungry, or not. Other dogs are driven more by instincts of seeing easy food "on the hoof" so to speak.

    Your bunny is a terrible TEASE to your dog - just as if I held out a dog treat or piece of steak about 2-3 ft off the ground & suggested the dog could have it,....if it could JUMP high enough - to REACH it.

    I WOULD NOT allow your dog in the room at all, unless or until you have done some serious obedience training in a formal class with the dog and gained some respect and some control over the dog - which (around the bunny) you do NOT have.

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    In the mind of your dog that bunny in the cage is it natural food source and dog doesn't like to see it's natural food source put right in front of it we're at can't eat it! That's like watching a p*** movie and then not being allowed to fap or have sex you're teasing your dog and he doesn't like it! Don't let your dog see the rabbit that's food to your dog its favorite food

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    She sees the rabbit as PREY and if you allow this dog to get near the rabbit it is highly likely to kill it

    • Lorraine
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      Purely because it is a small furry rabbit. Aggression to other animals such as cats or dogs or people is totally different. You might be able to make it work if you work at it but do not trust the dog with the rabbit yet.

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    Maybe she is worried that the little bunny is locked in a cage and wants to let her out.

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      But why would she snap at it? Sorry I am just confused. She is not a snippy little dog.. well trained.

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    im not sure why

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