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Does the American class system make people out of touch with another amongst the economic classes?

I’m lower class while a colleague at work is upper middle class. (She has a good job while her husband has a better one and their kids travel internationally). The concept of people not being able to save due to lower wages or unexpected expenses was so foreign to her. It was crazy, she thinks everyone should have heaps of savings

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    Your example answers your question does it not? The answer is that it can but it isn't universal. Some people have a clue and some don't.

  • Ray
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    5 months ago

    Don't judge an entire nation based on your colleague. Most millionaires in USA are self made. Class mobility is more mobile then ever.

    She is a colleague at work, does she make more then you? What do you have to do to make as much as her if not more?

    Also fyi, how much you make is not the entire picture, how little you spend and smart financial decisions [like keeping your used Toyota instead of buying a new audi] is a bigger factor for most peoples financial wealth.

    I work in finance and have even been able to work on and see my managers and bosses accounts. Funny thing is I save a lot more then some of them, I also have better vacations then them. One of my bosses vacations instate and lives paycheck to paycheck, while I have money put away in within the next 3 months I have 2 vacations, one in an exclusive hidden island in the Caribbean [Culebra] and another will be a 3 city tour in India [gold triangle tour] with a detour to the Himalayan nation of Nepal.

    My boss does have a brand new suv though, while I'm with my 2016 corolla

    Don't worry about other people, worry about yourself.

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    Run as fast as you can please

  • Oiy
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    It's not class, but classic. The US has never thought of the insurance system for all. So the lower class would have so lovely adventure life. You will find the equilibrium after the market adjustment if you are not dead. But that is institutional freedom you would never find elsewhere. You have the opportunity to go up like anybody else. But you still call yourself a lower class. So it's a freedom of choices.

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    America has a socio-economic class structure. Any sociologist will tell you that. But the good news is most of us are not stuck in any one level. We are free to at least attempt to better ourselves and move into a higher class of citizens.

    However, we are also free to not try. And indeed there are some who just do not have the resources to make such an attempt. And those people will remain forever stuck in one class level. But to your point...

    Yes the de-facto class levels do separate people in one class from people in another class. That results because we have more in common with people in our own class than with those who are in another class.

    And that's true at any and all levels of socio-economy. For example I would no more associate with a billionaire than a billionaire would associate with me. I don't own a private jet, several islands, and a dozen homes spread all over the planet for example. That's what billionaires do, and I have nothing in common with them in that regard.

    On the other hand, within this past year I've traveled to Hungary, Hawaii, and Australia for short vacations in each place. And I do own two residences...one's a vacation place. And one of my cars is a luxury car. So I have little in common with my cleaning lady who has none of these things.

    So it is sometimes hard for people in one class level to understand people in another one. And the further apart the levels are from each other, the harder it becomes to understand each other. You don't understand your colleague and she doesn't understand you.

    But I have to wonder. Did your colleague and her hubby just suddenly come into money? Or did she and he work their ways up through the ranks? I suspect the two of them worked their respective ways up through the ranks. In which case, they were once lower class themselves.

    They should certainly understand you as they were once there themselves. I think your colleague is spoofing you for some reason.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I had a psychiatrist who was from a very wealthy family and went to Georgetown. He had no idea that a lower income person could read, write, have feelings, a memory or any intelligence at all.

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