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How do doctors earn if they work for free in a government funded hospital?

I visit this doctor where our sessions are always free of charge. Though many people get to go to the likes of him (mostly those who are poor) and he gets to have a long line of patients like me, which seems like an advantage for him because he gets to have many patients anytime he wants to in a given schedule. But how can he be earning from all this despite the free checkups and consultations? Though we patients only pay for other things like laboratory blood tests and medicines he prescribes to us.

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    The government pays the hospital, which in turn pays the doctor.

    There are also "charity hospitals" that depend on donations (often they are funded by the Catholic Church, which has always funded "good works").

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    If its a free clinic. Then the doctor is donating his time. Which you should be thamkful for. If its a hospital or ER the doctor does get paid. If you have Medicare or Medicaid? The govt pays him a set price.

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    He's getting paid. Just not by you.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    He's getting paid by the government, it's less than private but still very well paid

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