Atheists and Christians how to help a bipoloar friend?

this guy will ask me out when I reject he will attack me said I'm ugly and insult my fashion style when I ignore him

and he will appologize said is his mental illness

than he will push blame to me said I harm him , bully him and despise him

when I never despise him or bully him

sorry for my bad grammar

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  • 5 months ago
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    That can NOT be blamed on bipolar disorder! I've known up to several bipolar people in my life, and absolutely NONE of them have been like that. Bipolar disorder..? Leads to phases of mania and depression. (Type 1.) Or hypomania and depression. (Type 2.) But it does NOT make you a mean, cruel piece of sh*t @sshole. That's ALL him.

    ..Probably he doesn't handle rejection very well. That's all. Plus it very well could be that he's got other issues than just bipolar disorder. Like maybe a personality disorder..? That might explain SOME of it, at least. Although obviously I can't diagnose someone I've never met, over the internet. So I'm just guessing.

    Anyway, you should explain to him that you're just not attracted to him in THAT way! And that that's not going to change. Which he should be able to take. As.. obviously he's got no right to force you to be! That's just not how it works! And if he can't handle that you're not romantically interested in him, without reacting this way..? Then probably the two of you should NOT be friends, either. And you would both be better off if you just kept your distance.

  • poldi2
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    5 months ago

    There is nothing you can do, he needs professional medical help.

  • You have a bipolar friend?

    Where did you find him, in the clouds?

  • 5 months ago

    your friend needs to see a psychiatrist and get on meds. there is no god to help

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