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Most nations in the Americas have millions LEAVING and they still have the same number of people as fifty years ago. Usually way more. By..?

what logic does the U.S. require more immigrants to survive?

We don't need more of one nation or another color. One or another race or culture.

I'm not against immigrants coming in. I'm just aghast that almost no one thinks in terms of WHY and HOW MANY we need. How many WE, the nation of the United States needs.


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    Funny how Cuba, Venezuela, N Korea, S. Korea, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, Saudi, UAE, most of Africa, at least most of non western countries don't have 15-20 Million Illegals problem. Could it be because Legal Immigration is Merit Based, laws against Illegal Immigration are highly enforced, at least 1 parent has to be a citizen or naturalized (after 10-15 years having proven allegiance & economic contribution to the sovereign) for birth-right citizen of a newborn, & limited, if not zero, social welfare advantages for illegal immigrants.

    Do American's have the right to illegally immigrate anywhere in the world? Whether under socialist or capitalist system uninvited non citizen/non residence (invaders) don't have the legal right to illegally enter or trespass on communal residence/complex, private property or residence without permission. Illegally crossing or overstaying ones visa is not a right. Taking in refugees is out of generosity not a right. A Legal Immigrant should have more right for having permission or invitation. It's as simple as Guest vs Trespassers

    Jordan only has real refugees because no opportunistic, parasitic, & criminal illegal immigrant would want to seek refuge in a country that doesn't provide employment opportunities, healthcare, permanent residency, birth-right citizenship, housing, & housing allowances for refugees & illegal immigrants, illegals will likely go to jail.

    Tent cities are all Jordan provides for refugee. Private charities, mostly foreign, provides the rest.

    The incentives for illegal crossing in the southern border are mostly fraudulent in nature. Unaccompanied minors (teenagers: should be deported back to their parents or relatives in their country of origin immediately) will get welfare & housing with clubhouse amenities. Anchor babies will get welfare/housing assistance. Accompanied minors will get welfare as well. Illegals use false identities & fraudulent social security numbers. American citizens engaging in welfare fraud or any fraudulent schemes gets charge & imprisoned, but illegal aliens get sanctuary, especially the criminal element as they are not deported.

    Before Lyndon Johnson's Presidency vetted Legal Immigrants in less than half of todays numbers came for work opportunities, didn't receive social services & only real refugees were seeking asylum. Lyndon Johnson's great society programs initially was for U.S. citizens, as it expanded with various duplicate programs, illegal immigrants with minors & anchor babies are now being covered to overwhelm the school & welfare system.

    (D)'s are using illegal immigrants as tools to gain more congressional seat in the same manner to how the slave state wanted full representation for the slave population for the slave states to have more power over the free states, but the (D)s today want power over free citizens as most of their supporters are addicted for handouts & highly dependent as they grow exponentially.

    (D) staffers are in Mexico coaching & abetting illegal immigrants to continue flooding the detention camps as they want crisis to grow & pester this administration that is why they never did Anything to prevent & discourage caravans after caravans from coming. They called it a Manufactured Crisis.

    Sanctuary states are transporting Illegal immigrants in their states to a non-sanctuary state's city like San Antonio, Texas. Ironically Sanctuary states don't want illegal immigrants transported in their cities. In the end the poor & smaller minority citizens are disenfranchised even more.

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    We've been manipulated to believe it's about the needs of potential immigrants, not our own needs. We've taken in so many people, particularly POC, that we have nothing to prove for the next hundred years.

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