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Co-worker is cheating on his wife during his lunch break?

Andy, Me, and other co worker used to lunch together in the office cafeteria. Andy is 28 , same age as me, 2 kids, typical nice white middle class comfortable lifestyle. Whereas a black guy like me has struggled through life even though I'm qualified better then all the white dudes on our floor!

Anyway he recently stopped lunching with us and hurriedly used to rush out of the office building around noon (saying I've discovered a new deli) and at the same time another women Nat would disappear too.

I smelt a rat and followed Andy at lunchtime and lo and behold, from

A distant saw both nat and Andy rushing into this city centre hotel during lunchtime.

I hate this man now. I used to admire him as he's a liberal type and likes black peoples and supports black lives matters. He even learnt rap from me!

How can he cheat on his lovely wife, 2 beautiful kids. He has a house I could only dream of living in. New car, holidays abroad each summer!

I would chop off my left arm to swap places with him. I catch the bus, live in a crappy apartment with leaking plumbing and rotten windows!

A good looking white guy like him who has the world don't realise what he can lose! He has a really hot wife. Why! Why!

Shall I speak to him ?

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    My ex-husband did this to me. I wish someone told me years before I found out, he was really good at lying and sneaking around. You're right, he is throwing it all away. Andy's building an empire, but it smells of dung. It will eventually crumble down for him, even if it takes years.

    I don't suggest you say anything to him. But, if you have the guts, that poor wife of his could stand to receive an anonymous note from something tipping her off that her husband is cheating on her. Maybe he's horrible to her at home and she could be free from him. Maybe he'll bring home an STD she'll never get rid of. My heart goes out to her and her kids. Andy's a dummy.

    You sound like a good man. You are more, much more rich and blessed than Andy just by what's in your soul and heart.

    And for everyone saying mind your own business: you have no idea what it's like. I wish someone told me what my husband was doing, I was so sad nobody around me had the guts to tell me. It stole years of my life. I WISH people had minded our business and tipped me off!!

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    And this matters to you why?....

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  • Foofa
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    5 months ago

    If you're willing to lose a limb to be a frustrated guy in an unfulfilling marriage that says more about you than about "Andy". Maybe spend more time trying to better yourself and less time throwing coded racism at this pathetic "Andy" character. If you and he work the same job yet you're struggling financially and he's not it's probably because he has a wife with a decent income. So you could also consider dating women of substance in the hopes of attaining the lifestyle he has (and is soon to lose when she divorces him).

  • Kars
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    5 months ago

    “I'm qualified better then all the white dudes on our floor!”

    You’re just a jealous little *****

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  • 5 months ago

    It's interesting that you're so wrapped up in this guy's life. You must not have one of your own

  • steve
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    5 months ago

    Nothing to do with you.

    I would ask though, if you are both doing the same job and therefore earning the same money how come he can afford the house, car and holidays and mistress but you can't?

  • 5 months ago

    That's his problem not yours.

  • 5 months ago

    You need to mind your own business. Treat this man with courtesy, but don't get mixed up in his private affairs.

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