Is snail killer safe to use in an aquarium with fish in it?

I am sick of malaysian trumpet snails infesting my aquariums, I DO NOT overfeed my fish I have no idea what they're eating to produce such numbers but at one stage the entire substrate was basically just snail shells it's gross I once again cleaned out the entire tank, threw out al the substrate and started over but they're coming back again I already see babies! I have seen aquarium snail killers for sale in the pet store, it says it's safe for other marine life and only kills snails but from what I can tell it's basically just an overdose of copper which I know is bad for fish so should I use this or no? I basically only have corydoras in the tank right now, they're very hardy fish but I don't want them to suffer or get sick.


Damn I knew it wasn't safe! What should I do with the fish? How long do they need to be out of the tank? I guess I can put them in a bucket if it's not a long time? Also does anyone know if clown loaches are good for this? I heard they eat snails but at what rate? Are they a realistic method of population control or will they just eat one or two snails occasionally?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I still don't understand why they're gross.

  • 1 year ago

    Clown loaches will eat snails yes, but clown loaches get huge and do best in a larger then average school, so do you have room for 6 or more ten inch fish?

    Not many of us do, but there are many many smaller loach species. I bought 6 yoyo loaches 8 or more years ago, some of which are still alive today, and they elimiated a mass of snails that were in my tank.

    Angelicous/polka dot loaches, zebra loaches , "I have those as well" they stay pretty small, 4-5 inches and skinny, and all of them eat snails. keep at least 5 per species. Have plenty of hollow hide outs and be sure that the do not have sharp edges.

    OR, get a cup and scoop out all the gravel, scrape the sides of the tank, wash the gravel, leave the gravel out for a while and watch for baby snails. when you feel that the snails are gone, add the gravel.

  • 1 year ago

    Copper is a poison to aquatic animals including fish. The catch is that the parasites and invertebrates it kills are more sensitive, so the idea is to kill them while only barely killing the fish. Still a poison to them too though.

    Clown loaches can be used but get very large and you would probably have to re home them which isn't the best practice.

    Also Malaysian trumpets have pretty hard shells which they may not be able to crack as easily as bladder snails.

    You could try assassin snails instead, which won't infest your tank but will hunt other snails down. Once the pest snails are gone they can feed on sinking wafers.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    No, is not safe. Remove them one at a time.

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