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How to bring up the topic of changing my name to my mom?

hi im 13 years old and ive always really disliked my name, and its even gotten to the point of where i become extremely anxious and even sometimes suicidal when i hear or see my name anywhere.

i really want to bring this up to my mom to see if she would be open to the idea of changing my name because of how much pain it causes me since im a minor and cant change my name on my own.

But i am just so anxious about bringing it up to her! I told her that next week we needed to talk but i dont know what to say about it and i am so scared!!

would it be a good idea to just tell her directly about this??? im sorry for asking i am just so scared

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  • audrey
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    6 months ago

    Csnt you just go by your middle name or a nickname? Your mom is gonna be so hurt.

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