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What if someone uses my employee discount without my permission?

I work in retail and my store has rewards cards for customers pretty anybody that shops at that store. So for us employees we have our employee discounts attached to our own rewards cards. In general like any retail store people register their phone number to the rewards card. So people can enter their phone numbers in the pin pad at the checkout to use their rewards card. So my cell phone number is registered to my rewards card which has my employee discount attached to it. So basically anybody who knows my cell phone number could basically enter my number to use my employee discount. So what happens if someone uses my employee discount without my permission or knowledge? By the way it’s automatic termination if someone else uses your employee discount but what if you never gave the other person permission, they just knew your phone number? I’m thinking about changing the phone number registered to my rewards card to a phone number that nobody knows. It wouldn’t be fair to fire someone cuz anybody who knows your phone number can just enter it in rewards.

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    I would recommend using a number different than your phone number as your access method. If you're afraid of not being able to remember it, try something like using the same digits, but in reverse order, or replace the last four digits with your street address.

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    You don't have a password attached to your account. Change your phone number.

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    Yep, that sounds like a good idea but let your employer know why you are using an odd phone number. It may otherwise look suspicious and it is reasonable to point out your vulnerability in this regard.

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    Almost all stores will allow a customer to get the (stores) discount with just a phone number.

    But, NO store will give a employee discount, (unless) you scan your ID card, or even the normal discount card, which is tied to the HR system. But in both cases, they need a (card) to scan it. And, if you (loan) out your card, then usually with most stores, ONLY family members can use, which in most cases, a young person, then the parents can use that card, or sometimes, the store might give an (extra) card to use.

    In one store, saw an employee buying something from the manager. Even though the manager knew the employee, could/would (not) give the employee discount till they had the card to scan. So, the employee had to get the card, then the manager (refunded) the 20% discount on the prior purchase.

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    BS. The system doesn't allow use of a phone number to access an employee discount without additional verification. The IT staff isn't composed of complete morons.

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