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was i sexually abused by my father? i am about ready to open child services case, but i need to make sure i am right and was abused?

i’ve asked this question before but didn’t have space to write everything so i am condensing this into just sentences of things that happened.

he would hold me tightly in his bed in only his underwear, stroking my body and i believe breast’s gently. i was naked. but the memories are so foggy i was so young. taught me to urinate facing backwards with my legs open. joked about sex when i was way too young.i couldn’t sleep at night without someone when i was young, but his girlfriend became very concerned as he would go in naked and shut the door. paranoid of ever touching a child incase someone thought he was predator. payed way too much attention to girls age 5-10 that were at house with me, my friends.talking to them constantly wanting to play with them in pool.i had problems down there as child he insisted he be only one to put cream on my private’s. he has emotionally tormented women so they would give in and have sex with him, my mother too, she’s the one who told me. my skin would crawl around him. the most unsettling feeling. wasn’t allowed to talk to any counselor despite my severe mental illness. abusive emotionally to the point he lost custody of me. if i wouldn’t kiss him on cheek he screamed and yelled. i just wasn’t comfortable with it. encouraged me to swim naked but we are french this isn’t that unusual, i guess. fascination with speaking of sex with me despite i was a child. watched rated R movies with me, that had sexual things and naked women when i was 5-7.

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  • 6 months ago

    it sounds like you could be

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  • Bill
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    6 months ago

    just touching your breasts is child molesting so go ahead and put him in jail

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  • 6 months ago

    It certainly sounds like you were, if you're not trolling.

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    • choko_canyon
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      6 months agoReport

      Then yes, alex, your father was a pathological pedophile if he behaved the way you describe. You should get therapy asap, and open a child services case if necessary.

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