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Questions about Eye Floaters?

Hello everyone!

So I have a severe case of eye floaters. I have many in my left and right eye. The ones in my right eye are the darker ones, one in particular is about the size of a penny. I looked it up and I think its called the Weiss Ring. I was punched in the right eye about a year ago and although I could see it before, it only started coming down and in my field of vision when I was hit.

But my question today is about the ones in my left eye. Some of the floaters I have in my left eye are like tiny, clear circles with a darker center. not really dark, just dark compared to the outer part.

Anyway, when I get the clear, circular floaters in my line of vision, purposely blur my eyesight, and hover them over text like this, I can see a smaller, and clear text inside them. like this L. if I were to position one of the "O" floaters over the letter L in my eye sight and blur my eyesight, I can see the letter inside the floater and completely clear. But its smaller. Its like the size of the floater.

I want to know why that is or what is the science behind that? Its like these floaters are an eye inside of an eye and it creeps me out but its also interesting.

Also, with the Weiss Ring floater, if its at night and I see a street light far off in the distance, I can position the floater to move over the light and when I do, it kind of does this eclipse like trick.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The dangerous floaters are any that you can see with only one eye. They often indicate detachment of the vitreous humor or the retina.

    I'm seeing a vitreous specialist because of such a vitreious detachment. Unfortunately, mine is not getting better over a period of months. (Most do.) Unlike retinal detachment, there is no surgical fix. But the good news is that our brains learn to work around them the longer we have them. I still see them when I use a computer or read, but I can manage nevertheless.

    Is there a reason you're not seeing an ophthalmologist for this?

    • Gloria5 months agoReport

      Sometimes drugs, even prescription drugs, a lack of using or detoxing will produce what looks like floating lines or wiggly ones will occur. If that’s not the case, go to an ophthalmologist and have your eyes tested

  • k w
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    5 months ago

    read this ; [ earthclinic.com/ailments/eye-floaters-natural-remedies/ ]

  • 5 months ago

    guys, i know i need to see a doctor. I want the answer to my questions.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    My eye doctor told me to see him very quickly if I ever had a lot of floaters in my eyes .


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