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How quickly will Batwoman be cancelled?

The show is going to flop so hard due to the identity politics they keep showing in the trailers and promos and how massively those have been getting disliked on YouTube. I'm just wondering how long we'll have to wait until the inevitable announcement that the show has ended. Fingers crossed it's before the second episode airs (if not before the show even premieres).


If I don't watch the show, then I'll feel like I'm missing out on a part of the Arrowverse since (even though I hope they don't) they'll probably have characters from Batwoman show up on the other shows (apart from the annual crossover) and have characters from other shows guest star on the occasional episode of Batwoman. It's bad enough they have LGBT characters in the main cast of Arrowverse shows. I don't want to have to watch a show where the title character is LGBT.

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    It will be on the CW and they don't seem to cancel things as quickly.They seem to barely cancel their new shows. They even renewed all their shows this season, even All American which was doing poorly. Heck even Crazy Ex Girlfriend lasted 4 seasons with awful ratings and Dynasty is onto it's 3rd season with awful ratings as well. CW is treated more like a Cable network.

    And with alot of their shows ending this season(Arrow, Supernatural, IZombie, Jane the Virgin) i doubt it will be canceled within the first 2 seasons.

    It hasn't even aired yet so you don't know it will be bad.If you don't like it then don't watch. Never understand people who care so much about shows they hate lol

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