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How is it that America was sending men to the Moon 50 years yet now they're dependent on Russian rockets just to reach orbit?

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    The United States was invaded. We have to put up with a cruel mean dictatorship which won't let us do anything including fly to explore the moon.

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    I remember that era. We had: the Marshal plan, war on poverty, manned space program, Vietnam war. And taxes were still low.

    America does not have the monopoly on production as we did because we won WWII.

    Source(s): Grew up in that era.
  • Zheia
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    1 year ago

    There will be other ways to get to the moon.

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    Do your own research! We've reached out to Russia because America has temporarily stopped sending rockets into space.

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  • Huh?
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    After the Apollo program was shut down, Nasa decided to concentrate on sending robot probes to the planets because it wasn't (and still isn't) a practical proposition to send manned missions on interplanetary flights. They decided to restrict manned missions to Earth orbit so, while they regularly used their own launchers for probes, since the Space Shuttle was retired the Russians are currently the only country with a rocket reliable enough to send humans into orbit.

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    We got cheap and forgot all the benefits of exploring space. Dems in particular insist that social programs are way more important that exploring space with "science" and engineering.

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    That would be a finaical problem - it is cheaper from Russia.

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    That is changing very soon ... will be using rockets made in the USA .

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    Purely what Americans decided to spend money on. I disagreed and am disappointed with those decisions. We could have been and should have been to Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto by now.

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    Because apparently the cost to the US was 4% of annual GDP. The focus is switching to private exploration. I don't think they will ever 'depend' on Russian rockets. There has always been a healthy competition between Russia and the US for space dominance.

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