Are climbs on Mt Everest off limits because of all the trash at the base camps?

Is this true?

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    5 months ago
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    I read a lengthy article on this. There are two approaches, and one side closely regulates how many climbing passes they sell, screens applicants for appropriate experience levels, and checks that climbers bring down their trash--and hold onto their trash removal deposit if they don't. (They use it to pay local climbers to retrieve it.) That side is still in pretty good shape despite being busy the entire climbing season.

    The other approach, in another country, sells climbing passes to anybody who has the money. They do not require any trash removal. This is the side with the shocking images of lines of climbers waiting for their turn for the photo op at the top, seas of trash and exposed sewage at base camps, etc. They also have far more injured climbers, because they don't screen for any climbing experience or high altitude equipment or experience.

  • 5 months ago

    Yes, and the dead bodies of climbers who didn't make it back down. There was actually a very slow moving queue of climbers waiting to step foot on the top tip of the mountain. That caused them to wait long hours that they did not plan on. So they, some of them, ran out of oxygen before making it to the top.

    Most realized they were running low; so they turned around to head back down. But they underestimated that queue and how it slowed the descent as well as the ascent. So they ran out of oxygen before they could get to a low enough elevation with sufficient ambient oxygen. Thus many of the dead were people who were trying to get back down to safety...but failed.

    Responding to the bad press Nepal was getting for allowing so many climbers at once and for the number who were dying in the attempts, Nepal canceled authorizations to climb the mountain. Haven't been keeping up with this; so I don't know where mountain climbing on Mt. Everest stands currently.

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