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I,ve had this question for years. What does this mean?

Around when I was four, I wished for a life of prosperity. To move to America with my mom hopefully marrying a military member, living next to or in a U.S military base, near the ocean. I mostly spent time with my grandparents, since my mom had to work. We didn t have a lot of things, but we have a lot of love. My mom one day introduced us to my current stepfather (whom I love very dearly). He is a marine in the U.S. One day, my mom told me we were going to the U.S. Later that day I remembered that I had wished for this a while back. We moved to Virginia, next to a military base, 10 min drive from the ocean. Now I m living in a military base, on an island, in Japan. What does this mean? At that age I had wished to prosper and marry well and have kids and be a millionaire, but we all know that isn t going to happen without my initiative. I don t believe in fairy tales or myths or legends and think that everything has a logical explanation. I just don t think that this is a coincidence. Every fiber of my being says that. I can t really explain it but this life to someone that used to watch troops drive to war next to my hangout spot in summer, is a miracle.


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    It means you are LYING. There isn't a 4 year old on the planet that thinks about their mother marrying a member of the military, and very few outside of the US that would think specifically about living in the US.

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  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    It means you are insane. US servicemen often marry people near where they are based, but not always...

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