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Is Japan still a danger?

Japan is under provisions that prohibit them from having a military that is anything except very small and for self defense only.


Should these provisions be lifted?

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    The Japanese are good people by and large. However the cultural beliefs that caused them to turn into the monsters that they were during the mid 20th century still exist. In fact they remain very strong in certain factions of the population. Racism is common in Japan and non Japanese are seen as inferior. There are nationalist groups who would gladly go back to the imperialist ways.

    Japan is more complicated than most people think. Unfortunately Millennials and Generation Z tend to see Japan in an idealized manner in part due to their infatuation with Japaname.

    The provisions need to remain in place. If lifted, Japan would certainly not suddenly begin attacking its neighbors again but over time could develop into an aggressive nation, once again causing trouble in the Pacific.

    The Japanese and the Koreans (both North and South) harbor great resentment and animosity for each other. This goes back before WWII but that era was by far the worse. A re-armed Japan might well rekindle the flames of the Korean War.

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    No. They're not about to do anything that will bring on another devastating attack like WWII. Also, we are allies now, and we'll protect them from fat boy, so they don't really NEED a military buildup.

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    Japan hasn't been a danger for more than 70 years.

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    Currently not a danger. Japan is the weakest, militarily, among all its closest neighbors: China today is not the China of the 1930's, nor is Korea. I don't think the leaders in Japan want a large military, they are content with the U.S. providing those services and footing the bill.

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    Gee, I wonder why?

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    Japan is probably going to change its constitution so it can have a bigger military.

    • "sic. but his coalition and its other allies fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to push ahead with revising the pacifist constitution"

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    Somewhere's after Russia, China Iran , Syria , N Korea ------------------------ France , I'd say .

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