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Do you wish the UK could return to the 50s?

People were not afraid to leave their doors unlocked or to let their children play outside. Young people did National Service rather than running around on drugs stabbing each other. Murderers were hanged. Homosexuality and abortion was illegal and society was far less promiscuous and sex-obsessed. The churches were packed every Sunday. There were far less foreigners around too. We remained a superpower with colonies around the world and after defeating Nazi Germany and coming off rations there was a sense of optimism and hope for the future. Better music, fashion, art, TV shows, films and cars too. And people actually socialised rather than posting every mundane detail of their lives on social media.

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    We can never return without a time machine, but we can embrace morality based on wholesome family values and discipline and National Service would provide the youth with a sense of purpose which they lack and that's why so many self-harm.

    Of course, something will have to be done about the ethnic population which has destroyed British values and integrity, while escalating our crime figures, and I suggest weeding out the undesirable factions and sending them to Isles of Wight and Isle of Mann. That action will clean up society at a stroke. However, as I've said repeatedly, only a National Socialist regime will implement these changes. Not possible while liberals run the country.

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    No, each generation deserves a turn in life. There is no best generation and no worst. Each shares there own best and worst moments. That's what life is. A progressional development of the human race. Not this bullshit.

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    No, rather the 1960s

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    NO: they were the bad old days, Brits and almost every other 1st world nation and many others around the world have never had it so good..

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  • Athena
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    You do realize that UK was still under wartime rationing far into the 1950s, right?

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    Let's see. #

    People could leave their doors open, because no one had anything worth stealing.

    You want the thugs doing the stabbings in London, to be TRAINED to use weapons? That will get the murder rate down.

    Britain ceased being a superpower at WW1, and would have lost to the Nazis had they not been stupid enough to take on Russia at the same time.

    Better music?, not until Elvis and the 60s was much better than the 50s for music.

    Fashion? Well there wasn't some of the stupid designs you see nowadays, but 14 yo boys, dressed like their grandads. (OK Grandads these days sometimes dress like 14yo boys).

    Cars? Hardly anyone could afford one and by todays standards they were incredibly basic and unreliable.

    TV shows? TVs were quite rare until the coronation, but the programmes were full of casual racism and sexism AND black and white.

    So no the 50s looks awful.

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    Some parts are arguably stuck in the 1850s

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    What a load of rubbish, there was crime, people did lock their doors, you are seeing the past through rose tinted glasses, hundreds of women died each year having illegal abortions,and you were presecuted because of your sexuality,people died from diseases that we can cure now, there was much more poverty around, yes there was hope for the future, but do not make the mistake that it was all sweetness and light because it was'nt,i grew up in the 50's.

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    No. Women were subservient to their husbands, they had no rights. If you were poor you starved as there were few benefits. People still died of infectious diseases. People went to church because of fear. I was only allowed to read a book on sundays, not play out or with toys.

    Men drank a lot and beat up their wives.

    There was little TV around, we never had one until 1962.

    You were not there. I was


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    Nowadays people are paranoid and hysterical over kids, it's not that it's really any more dangerous for them. It was probably worse then because things were brushed under the carpet.

    People ran away from national service and were never captured, there was just too many of them.

    Murderers were less likely to get caught and carried on for longer when serial murdering.

    Homosexuals don't do any harm so that's victimless, no point in that being illegal.

    You're probably a troll.

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