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Why do poor people leave their council estates so filthy?

Yesterday I drove to the airport to pick a friend up and had to drive through a council estate to get there. There was litter, old furniture and shopping trollies everywhere as well as overweight chav mothers pushing coffee-coloured children in their prams and feral youths of many different shades of brown smoking drugs and blasting degenerate American negro music from their speakers. You could hear sirens all the time and thought you'd be dragged out of your car and robbed.

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    Well, I could provide an in depth answer, but you have identified the problem yourself. Mixed race debauchery and low moral values is the cause and I'm sure you know that.

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      You should make them clean it up.

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    "...I thought that the Major was a Lady suffragette...!"

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    Most of those houses they live in are paid for by the government and when you don't pay for something you have no bride in it so why take care of it.

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    Because they don't have enough money to own their homes. Because 1/4 of them are depressed and nobody respects them. Because there are no jobs. They usually get into the spiral of decline because of the demoralising effects of the drugs epidemic.

    However well over 3/4 of poor people (regardless of race) have self-respect and aren't depressed but they are trapped by lack of money onto staying on these estates. Mansions, I hear (unless described in bad news stories in the Daily Mail where they can be at £300,000) start at about £1 Million.

    Agree the C-rap music is dire though...

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    The council estates built post-WW2 were for all classes of people and I've seen ones with green areas and the remnants of gardens that must have been kept neat and tidy by council workers. Now, with the sale of council houses on the "good" estates, councils and housing associations have little choice in allocating houses.

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    Posh people do the same only they have people to clean it up for them. Bosses are the worst for drugs, all the same things go on behind their high walls. You can't tell because they can afford to look after themselves too. Ever seen a memo sent around that completely contradicts another one sent shortly earlier? There's just little hints like that.

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