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My friend slapped her son across his face in front of his friends for calling her a b*tch. Should a mother really strike her own son's face?

My friend was having a party at her house, and had invited some of her friends, while her son had some of his mates over. He's 16, slightly rowdy but I always found him reasonably polite.

Anyway, three of us were sitting in the TV room when he and a couple of his friends barged in, playfully shoving each other. His friend shoved him a little too hard and he knocked a teapot over. He was about to leave the room when his mother called him firmly back and told him to clean up. And he said he was with his friends and to do it herself.

But she ordered him to do so right away, and I think in front of his friends it embarrassed him. And he muttered, "f*ck off, you're such a b*tch". She got up and, in front of his friends smacked him across the face so hard his head snapped to the side. It literally made the noise slaps do in films, and he looked at her in such surprise and hurt you could see the humiliation radiating from him. Without another word, he quietly cleaned up.

I've always felt uncomfortable with striking anyone in the face. It's degrading, since the face is a person's identity, and how he felt afterwards was written clearly on his face. To have a mother humiliating her son like that in front of 6 people feels even worse. Should she have hit him, and is it acceptable to strike his face?

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    Maybe he should have cleaned it up when she told him to instead of trying to play the big man. Im not a fan of physical violence by any means, but I bet she doesn't have to do that again.

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    In my opinion she was right. The boy was showing off in front of friends.

    The slap put him in his place. Would you rather mom spanking him?

    Now if she punched the boy that’s wrong.

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    Theyr both extremely wrong but I don’t give any excuses for what she did especially bc it was informative of other people. Show could have dealt with him after bc that’s not right

  • Anonymous
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    As much as I hate hitting I do feel the mom had the right to do so. I wish more mothers were like that instead of complaining about their child not doing as they are told especially when it comes to common sense like that everyone should at least try to clean up after themselves I won’t do it for anyone unless they are willing to pay me the amount of money depending on how big the mess is.

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  • 5 months ago

    you're a troll and this is a made up story. lol

  • ron h
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    He'll get over it or he'll get out. When you misbehave in front of others, you apologize in front of others. In this case, he wanted to look cool in front of his buddies and she was not going to be embarrassed in front of them,

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    Wasn't just as humiliating for the friend to call his own mother a ***** and in front of others?

  • audrey
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    5 months ago

    He deserved it! You do not talk to your mother like that, EVER!

  • Jerry
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    5 months ago

    He's way old enough to know better than to call her than at any time, let alone in front of people. She was insulted, as she should have been, slapping wasn't out of line.

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    As brash as it seems, he needed to be shocked back into reality as to whom he's talking to. If you let things like this slide, it happens again.

    So.... not only did he break the cardinal rule (honor thy mother and thy father), he did it publically and embarrassed her pretty badly. An example has to be set or she loses respect from her kid and everyone else on her parenting skills.

    Not only is her honor in question, there's more political backlash to this than you understand.

    THIS is old fashioned discipline. And it works.

  • Lôn
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    5 months ago

    He deserved it!!...................

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