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When auditioning [sides] for Donkey (Shrek Musical), is it ok to do the ‘Eddie Murphy voice’?

Even if you’re not black?

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    I'm another actor in agreement with Katrina. Don't imitate Eddie Murphy make Donkey your own.

    I still remember being a judge for a theater competition some years ago and seeing a young man imitate Brad Pitt's performance in a 12 monkeys monologue. I found it rather uninteresting. My review of his performance was along the lines of "you did a pretty good Brad Pitt, but I would have liked to see your take on this very interesting character."

    An actor should always bring themselves to the role not just repeat some other person's performance.

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    Katrina's advice is great.

    Maybe you could ask the director if he wanted Donkey to speak like Murphy or if he wanted something more original. As it's community theatre, you should be able to ask or discuss this.

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    I wouldn't. If you intentionally draw comparison between you and Eddie Murphy - you're always gong to fall short. Instead, do your own take on the character. Acting is better then imitating especially for an audition.

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    If you're really Eddie Murphy, yes. In fact it's probably mandatory.

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