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My eye/eyelid has been irritated since I started using contacts 2 weeks ago - anyone experience these symptoms?

I started using contacts about 2 weeks ago and after three days I stopped wearing them because my right eye has become irritated. It is not red and it looks fairly normal, but it feels itchy and I constantly want to rub it. In fact the first couple days, I did rub it a lot (not with the contacts in of course) and it made it even more irritated. This is effecting only one eye so I’m not sure what it could be. Also for one day, it started twitching uncontrollably for about 24 hours, but then it subsided and stopped. I went to two eye doctors and they found nothing wrong. One said he saw a bubble under my eyelid and removed it with a q-tip, but otherwise he said everything looks clear. The sensation is annoying more than anything and I’m at my wits end. When I smile (and my eyes crease) and when I squint, I also feel like that eye is stiff and feels hard on that side of the face. Also if you look super close, the eyelid looks a tiny bit more “swollen” then the other eye. Again, both doctors checked for corneal abrasions and scratches. They both said my eye is fine. Has anyone experienced this?

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    It seems like an obvious choice would have been for them to fit you in different contacts. Has that been tried?

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