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Write a molecular, total ionic, and net ionic equation for the double displacement reactions- nitric acid and manganese (lll) hydroxide?

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    Chemical equations .... Double replacement ....

    Your teacher wants you to write this:

    3HNO3(aq) + Mn(OH)3(s) --> Mn(NO3)3(aq) + 3HOH(l) ........... "molecular"

    3H+ + 3NO3^- + Mn(OH)3(s) --> Mn3+ + 3NO3^- + 3HOH(l) .... ionic

    3H+ + Mn(OH)3(s) --> Mn3+ + 3HOH(l) .... net ionic

    Only NO3^- is a spectator ion. .... If it existed, Mn(OH)3 would be insoluble.

    BUT!!!! There is a substantial problem with your question.

    The problem is that there is NO Mn(OH)3. The closest you might find is either MnO(OH) or Mn2O3. Both are insoluble in water. Unfortunately, you teacher didn't bother to check to see if the compounds they chose actually existed.

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