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Is there anything left to discover in science (physics)?

Are all the types of forces discovered, all the energy types discovered? Now we are left with is just examining the finer details of already discovered stuff?

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    Only the world's greatest fool thinks that we have more than a trivial understanding of the real world.

    The worlds greatest scientists knew enough to know that they didn't know very much at all.

    But teenagers and students naively think that they know pretty much everything.

    I am certain that some of today's "truths" are on the wrong track and will be rethought when sufficient information is available.

    And for the rest I cannot know what we do not know. ( Funny about that) we won't know what we haven't discovered until we DO discover it.

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  • 6 months ago

    Tons to discover! Human beings have been thinking they know it all for many thousands of years and keep finding out that we weren't right after all.

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  • neb
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    6 months ago

    All kinds of stuff is left to be discovered. The prime things are a so-called GUT theory (grand unification theory), and the holy grail of physics, a quantum gravity theory.

    The GUT theory would be an extension of the standard model of physics. We have unified the weak nuclear force with the electromagnetic force into the electroweak force, but we have not unified the strong force with the electroweak force - the GUT theory. Forces are mediated by bosons, elementary particles. The GUT theories will result in new bosons so these would result in new force aspects. The basis for unifications are symmetry groups which actually allow you to figure how many new bosons would exist. For example, the simplest GUT theory predicted a doubling of the number of force carrying bosons that resulted in a new force aspect that would cause free proton decay ( the theory did fail experimental test incidentally, but you get the idea)

    The quantization of gravity is the most difficult thing left - if it can be quantized. Quantum mechanics and general relativity (gravity) are in direct conflict with each other. The most egregious aspect of that is the so called firewall problem at the event horizon of black hole where quantum mechanics predicts a firewall of energy, whereas general relativity predict you shouldn’t experience anything unusual crossing the event horizon. A quantized gravity might also resolve the information paradox of black holes.

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  • Bill-M
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    6 months ago

    Yes there is something that should be discovered.

    Two things I would like to see.

    1. Nuclear FUSION power plants.

    2. Some Material that when struck by Nuclear Radiation produces a current flow (Electricity directly from Radiation).

    Nuclear Powers boil water and make steam to generate electricity. There should be a better way.

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