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What is the best way to make a grilled cheese sandwich, over the stove top? Such as ... Do you put butter or oil in the pan, do you butter?

both sides of the bread, do you toast the bread in advance, do you put one or both slices of bread in the pan at first, when do you add the cheese, what is the best temperature, etc etc.

I know this is such a basic cooking question, but I have not even mastered this simple sandwich. Even the bread gets burned, is not toasted enough, or the cheese does not melt well.

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    Oh good grief... Butter the outsides of the bread. And yes, put a bit of butter in the pan, too.

    Place one piece of bread into the PREHEATED pan, butter side down. Lay the cheese over the bread. Place the other piece of bread on the cheese, butter side up. When the bottom is browned, flip the sandwich over. In a few minutes the other side will be browned and the cheese will be melted.

    If the bread is burned, you've cooked it at too high of temperature. If it's not toasted enough, you haven't cooked it at a high enough temperature. If the cheese does not melt well, you haven't cooked it long enough. It's not rocket science.

  • Tyler
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    there are a few different methods, but the one that works best for me, using a simple frying pan, is this. 1. preheat your pan to just over medium heat. 2. make a cheese sandwich, including a smear of mayo on the inside. 3. put mayo on 1 side of the sandwich before putting that side on the pan. after about 30 seconds, rotate the sandwich about the pan so that it cooks evenly. 4. put mayo on other half of the sandwich and when you begin to see the bottom brown (a thin line of brown where the bread meets the pan, it is easiest to see if you have put the mayo on the entire face of the sandwich, don't forget the edges and corners!) flip the sandwich using a spatula. If it is not as golden brown as you would like, flip the sandwich back over once side 2 begins to brown. it will cook faster than side 1.

    mayo is mostly oil, so you wont be let with a "mayo" taste after cooking, it just spreads much much better than butter

  • denise
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    I would spray the pan with spray oil, make the sandwich with butter on the outside and the cheese inside [ with no butter ], heat the pan for a minute or two then fry the sandwich for 4 to 5 minutes on each side or until nicely browned and the cheese is just melting.

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    I make my cheese sandwhich, spray one side with canola cooking spray, put it in a moderately hot pan and cover (with the pan lid or a metal bowl slightly larger than the sandwhich). When the bread is browned, spray the top then flip it and return the lid or cover to the pan. When both sides are browned you're done. This method is excellent and virtually as good as using butter but SO much easier and the covered pan melts the cheese.

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  • Bret
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    You will generally get better results if you use butter, olive oil, or a like spray on the outside of the bread. If you butter/oil the pan, especially if done liberally, the bread will tend to absorb the oil and will result in a greasy mess of a sandwich. It will, however, still toast if you choose to use nothing at all, but will not have the additional flavor provided by the butter or will not produce even browning over the bread.

    Assemble the entire sandwich first and then place into the pre-heated pan over medium heat. I recommend using a light spread of mayonnaise on the inside of the sandwich in contact with the cheese, as it helps to keep the inside from drying out and adds a nice flavor, IMO. You can also add tomato slices, thinly sliced meats, or pickles if you wish.

    Use a medium heat and watch it closely - do not leave to do something else while it is toasting. Check the underside regularly to ensure it doesn't burn. Turn over when toast is evenly browned.

    There is a restaurant near my house called "Nickson's" that makes a fantastic grilled cheese/beef brisket sandwich, and was featured on an episode of "Chicago's Best" on YouTube if you'd like to see it done professionally.

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    Butter the outsides of the bread. Assemble the sandwich before it goes into the pan. Use medium heat. Heat the pan before putting the sandwich in it. Press the sandwich down with a spatula for part of the time it's cooking. If you are burning the bread and the cheese is not melting, you're using too much heat. Use lower heat. If the bread doesn't get toasted, you're not using enough heat or you're not cooking it long enough.

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    Butter on the pan and both sides of the bread. Put the sandwich on and flip it when it turns a nice brown.

    Try it with sour dough bread

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    Alton Brown on 'Good Eats' had a cool idea. Heat up two cast-iron pans on the stove, then take them off the heat and put the sandwich between them. It gets toasted on both sides, the cheese melts, and it's pressed together just enough. 8^) I tried this and it works okay.

    But the traditional way, the bread can be lightly buttered on the outside side, or you can melt the butter in the pan. The butter should fizz up when it melts, that's how you know the pan is hot enough. But if the butter turns brown, it's too hot.

    The sandwich is just cheese between bread. (I like to use a tiny bit of mustard, but that's just me). You put the whole thing in the pan and fry it on both sides until browned, until the bread looks toasted.

    The cheese should be melted by the time both sides look 'toasted', but if not you can always put a lid over it. This traps the heat and steam and that will melt the cheese.

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    Take an ordinary frying pan. Put a little butter on the bottom and make sure you spread it all over the pan. Place your sandwich on the frying pan after the butter is melted and its sizzling. Turn the heat down to medium. Take a pot top and place it on top on the frying pan. This helps melt the cheese in the middle. You want the head to medium because you need it on the pan long enough to melt the cheese without it burning the bread. After 30 seconds, flip the sandwich over, place the top back on. Keep doing this until you see the cheese start to run down the bread. The end!

    Edit: (make sure the top you choose is big enough so its not smooshing the sandwich. The top doesn't have to sit on the pan perfectly, just enough to create like a hot steam room for the sandwich to cook.

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