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Do some empathetic individuals have the ability to convince others that they hate them without using the word hate just make them feel it?

If so, what's the mindset of the character who hates my main character? He really doesn’t know me well enough to hate me. For so long, every time I have tried to reach out to him, he made me feel like I was pointless and that I’m someone who’s not worth getting to know personally. Circumstances have always stood in between us which is understandable but it affected me pretty badly. I’m not asking this question to receive responses from people bashing him because he is not a bad guy, he is a person with a heart of gold and I know that because I have seen how he treats other women many times. I guess my real question is if circumstances like relationships kept him distant from me for a reason? Maybe feelings?

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    He’s not empathetic because if he was he wouldn’t of made you feel small. You witnessed how he treats other women but it doesn’t mean he treats those women right when friends aren’t around to witness it. When a man makes you feel worthless then it’s obviously going to create a negative impact on your life and I hope you realize that. The best way is for you to become mentally strong is you have to make your image so strong in your mind that whatever that mans actions are and how worthless he makes you feel you should be able to manage to make yourself feeling worth.

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    Ask this fellow, what his first words were to

    This other charector thanks.


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    Unless you treated him like a worthless dirtbag I don’t see a reason in your details here for why the guy would hate you and he might like you so he’s probably a wussy who couldn’t man up to tell you how he feels and instead he damaged you when he shut you out

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