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I need some advice!!!!!?

Iam very depressed, I don’t have much friends and it make me feel lonely. My step father abuses my mom and she takes her anger out on me which make me super annoyed and angry. Because of that I hate my mom and I don’t want to hate my mom. Also I started high school and it’s really stressful and I can’t handle all of these things going on in my life. I tried to end my life and it failed I don’t want to die I just need some advice on how to overcome these feelings

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  • 6 months ago

    You would always think positive, and just always have faith in god make him as the center of your lives,, avoid on negative situations you encounter ensure that you will not overthink on it, just think on what makes you better not on things that just make you felt depressed

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  • 6 months ago

    Please report this person to a social worker

    Whom will care and see your mother have a

    Large say in how she is treated thanks.


    Very Best Wishes


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