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i’m afraid i’m pregnant..?

me and my boyfriend were having sex. he had a condom on and we were very careful and safe because i have had pregnancy scares before. i am 17, he is 18. he didn’t pull out before he came, (i make him anyway even if he has a condom on) but this time he didn’t. i’m guessing he got soft when he was still inside me and he slipped out. the condom got stuck inside me and when i went to pull it out, *** dripped out and got all over me. i freaked out and put my fingers down there to see if anything got on, and when i pulled my fingers back up *** was all over them. i’m scared i might’ve pushed some inside me, or some got on or something. i always have these scares with him and he tells me everything is fine and it usually is, but this time i saw it with my own eyes. he just doesn’t want to believe it. (sorry this is so long just a lot of detail)

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  • Pippin
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    6 months ago

    This is why they sell emergency contraception.

    And if you are 'always' having scares, and are too anxious to even let him ejaculate during sex, you are not ready for sex.

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  • 6 months ago

    It is possible you are preganant becuase the condom came off and the sperm was exposed up your vagina. However only if you were ovulating (you can only fall pregnant 3 days out of the whole month) and if you were ovulating on those 3 days when this happened there could be a chance you are pregnant. You ovulate normally 14 days after your last period day so work it out. I suggest you go on some sort of contraception to stop all these scares - you can still wear a condom but it will just make it extra safe in case the condom does break or comes off.

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  • 6 months ago

    Get a pregnancy test done to settle any lingering doubts

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