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Toy Story 4 Questions and Opinions?

Really enjoyed it!

I was a huge Buzz fan when I was a kid and now as an adult was pretty happy to see he wasn't just cast aside as Woody's side kick which I was afraid of after getting that impression in the 3rd movie.. Buzz deserves much more than to be just Woody's Robin and feel like he is just as universally loved as Woody.. Understandable that Woody is the main character and that Buzz is supporting but still.

However considering it is most likely the last of the movies I was quite disappointed at how much air time all the other characters got.. Especially Jessie who was introduced in number 2 to attract the little girl audience which was great I feel got taken over by Bo Peep which was abit of a shame, Jessie had so much more character and a reason to follow and love whereas Bo Peep was never really relevant until now and just seemed like we were supposed to care when there was no real reason too.. did anyone even realise she wasn't there in the 3rd? Lol I mean Jessie barely had a part in this movie!

Along with that all the minor characters, Rex, Ham, Slinky, Bullwinkle got barely anything! I understand Mr Potato head as the voice actor passed away and they only had old recordings to use but all those minor characters we loved might aswell not of been in the movie.

Im all for new characters and thought all the new characters were great but still gotta pay recognition to the originals which I thought was a shame..

Your opinions? Any reasons you know why?

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    Woody and Buzz are 'buddies', neither one is a sidekick. Many Toy Story plots are 'buddy'plots where Woody and Buzz have complementary skills and they succeed by putting their skills together. (Like the family in The Incredibles). Not a hero and a sidekick like Batman and Robin or Sherlock and Dr. Watson, but equals.

    I miss Jesse too, but while she was important as the girl's Woody, she was really only a girl Woody. Bo Peep had something going on with Woody in the first movie (IIRC. It's been a long time!)

    Also, you may know that Pixar spends a lot of money in every movie improving their software--which is why each successive movie looks better than the last and they're able to do more things. (In the process, Pixar's animation has become one of the great wonders of the Computer Age). One of the improvements in this movie was in Bo Peep's 'porcelain' skin. Her highlights looked better than they ever have. Maybe they just wanted to show her off. (Just a guess).

    Mr. Potatohead was Don Rickles, a very famous 'insult comic' from the 50s/60s/70s. NOBODY could replace him, but I'm sure they could have found someone to do his voice close enough that it wouldn't matter. The springy daschund was played by Jim Varney, who also passed away between TS 1 and 2, or 2 and 3, and they had no trouble replacing him!

    If you ever saw Cars and Cars 2, Paul Newman who played Doc Hudson passed between the films and in the 2nd film the made a big deal of his character being gone. But George Carlin, who played the hippie VW van also died, and they didn't even mention it, they just found someone else to do the voice.

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