Should all passengers be required to wear parachutes? (for flights higher than 10000 feet)?

At sea everyone except good swimmers need to have life vests. Since no one is a good flyer maybe everyone could wear a slimline parachute. If an accident is about to happen just jump out and float gently to the ground.

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  • 5 months ago


    Most accidents are near takeoff or landing. Parachutes are useless at low altitudes, even if there were some way to get all the people out of the plane in a very short time.

    An organised evacuation using all doors typically takes between a minute and 90 seconds on an airliner.

    If a plane breaks up at high altitude, everyone would be dead from anoxia & probably frozen before parachutes had lowered them to an altitude they could breath.

    That's not counting physical injuries from the breakup and "flail" injuries from being dumped in to a 300mph or faster wind...

    People are always bringing up the idea of passenger parachutes. They are simply not practical and would not have saved any lives if present in any air accident I can think of - and I study air accidents as a hobby.

    The chances of being involved in an aircraft accident while flying with a major airline on a large airliner (rather than a eg. 20 seat local airline) are minute.

    If you could live permanently on one, serious incidents where problems with the aircraft itself needed emergency action would average around once every 450 years.

    That's not accidents causing loss of life, just any form of serious mechanical / flight emergency.

    Most airline pilots go through their entire careers and retire without ever experiencing anything like that.

    Smoke hoods are another thing that has been suggested and considered - but again, they would not reduce casualties. The extra time taken to evacuate people if they had find and put on smoke hoods would slow evacuations to the point that more lives would be lost than saved.

    Some airlines carry a few for the crew, so they can assist passengers better - but that's it.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I have been on many ships and never been required to wear a life vest. So the premise is a bit absurd. Ships sink relatively slowly and there is generally time to get into a lifeboat.

    The idea of evacuating a plane by parachute is also a nonsense - it would have crashed by the time the first few people were out of the aircraft. Commercial aircraft fly at 30,000 ft and higher with outside air temperatures at between minus 40 and minus 70 deg C.

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