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What does it mean when an ex blocks you?

My ex blocked me on Snapchat after I posted a boy of opposite sex? Why tho, he said we would be cool when we didn’t talk anymore and that he didn’t want a sour relationship and then he does this and now I’m confused. He still has me added Instagram and I texted him on there and I said “do you hate me or something” and he left me on read and didn’t reply. Thoughts?

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  • Molly
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    5 months ago

    Well, what's the point in keeping in touch with an ex-girlfriend if you aren't going to be together? He wants to move on completely. And I think that's the best way forward other than trying to cling onto something that's not there anymore. The whole 'stay friends' with your ex only works when you parted ways mutually and you both wanted to go your separate way and move on to date other people. If you keep each other around when things weren't mutual then there's too much history between you for either of you to fully move on, one of you is going to be more attached than the other and it's going to hurt when you'd get close with other guys while staying close with your ex... even if you're not dating them.

    Maybe that might of been the reason why he's decided to move on and go his separate way and not be in your life anymore and there's nothing wrong with that, you both need to do that, to be honest.

  • 5 months ago

    Its means its time for you to move on and leave this person in your past.

  • Kaylee
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    5 months ago

    Well he probably still loves you and you posting another guy bothered him. Probably also had you on there just to check and see what you’re doing with your life and is disappointed by The outcome

  • 5 months ago

    “A boy of opposite sex” lmaoo I’m sorry I’m tired and an idiot I guess

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