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What would happen if somebody walked into a police station and walk out straight after?

Lets say somebody walks in and at the reception, after acting anxious, walks out quickly. Will simply nothing happen or would there be some suspicion there?

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    You have to find out. They will ignore probably, and just watch the security tape and have your face recognised and see you are not a threat.

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    In India, Police is not fully amalgamated with society. Meeting and talking to police is looked with suspicion. Now too we see Police using batons like in British era. Please note that in Britain, police act like peace keeper and never beat civilians. They arrest them but never misbehave with them. In India, police do not have such characters. They take law into hand and beat public by the slightest opportunity. Therefore, going to police station and coming out will be looked with suspicion.

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    If you COULD walk into a police station it would be quite different from here.

    I come from Victoria, Australia.

    The police have quite a powerful union. So when they "ask" the Government for something it is always acted upon.

    To provide for the safety and security of the police the buildings are locked. You cannot get inside.

    There is a telephone on the outside that connects you with.... a CALL CENTRE hundreds of km away.

    Now IF you can convince them that you have some reason to talk to the police THEY call the police inside who leave you standing outside with no idea of if or when they might come to the door.

    Finally you give up and go away.

    Now try this five times on five different days. At multiple different police stations in the area. Same result.

    Then give up permanently. Forget about getting into a police station it simply isn't practical anymore.

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    Some are SO busy you wouldn't be noticed, and some you'd be the only one there ......

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    i'm not a hundred% certain, but you would probably not be stopped unless you were a stereotype or lived in a crime ridden area. (or if you show up more than once)

    it also depends on how anxious you were acting. they could stop you for questioning or maybe just tail you for a bit to figure you out a bit

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