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Would a dungaree/pinafore dress looks too revealing when worn on it's own?

Now I'm not talking about the ones that looks like suspenders on denim dungaree on top, but sheath kind of styles except they have bigger armholes. Sorry, the pic of the dress a bit wrinkly due to being tried on directly from the bag it came from:

Basically they normally looks like this:

but I prefer wearing it with a belt as I'm a size 6 with bigger bust and it look a bit shaped otherwise. But for casual summer wear without a t-shirt, does it look too skimpy with the large armholes/length combo?

But please no slut-shaming. I'm not religious or US/UK so people don't care as much here, but it's a style designed to be layered over other tops like an apron, so that's why I'm wondering.


If 120ibs and 5'6" is consider "fat" (i don't care as I don't change my size to please people, I was 95ibs as a teen, people still though I looked "normal", what have that to do with how much breast or legs a woman show? I don't care about sizing as I would wear even if I was overweight.

Update 2:

The second pic, the model is wearing SAME size, a size Small. My shoulders/bust/shorter frame make it fit differently..

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    It doesn't look too bad on its own, but if you are uncomfortable with how much it shows, try layering it with a singlet/tank top which wouldn't show as much as a t-shirt

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  • 6 months ago

    please believe me that dress looks horrible on u. the picture u gave with the model - the model is very skinny, she can pull it off. u re much heavier and that belt makes u look even bigger. i hope u didn't pay lots of money for it and can return it back. it is hideous. whether u wear it with a t shirt or not -. that shape is not for u

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