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How do I lose weight after a period of having a very low caloric intake?

To give context, two years ago I maintained a diet where I ate only 900 calories (which I now know is super unhealthy) for about half a year.. I was 163 cm tall and my heaviest was 74kg when I started. I did this when I was fourteen in July btw. I continued losing until I reached 66kgs, but it got a little harder to count the calories as I travelled to my grandparents village and a month later once again travelled to another country with my school. By February I got sick of counting and restricting myself and on top of that my weight was not going down as fast as it was before (in fact it was starting to spike up randomly). I would weigh myself daily so I could get a weekly average which I later realised was horrible for my mental health at the time. After the second trip in February I relaxed a little and wouldn’t count too strictly, I stopped weighing myself and focused on school and friends. But now I’m sixteen and I want to get healthier and be at a healthy weight I’m finding it to be much harder than it was before... I started in jan at 75 (I gaine all the weight back lol) and am STILL at the same weight!! I first tried not to go too harsh and had an intake of 1300 calories, but all it did was maintain. Once my boards got over I decided to start exercising along with it (twenty minute sessions every weekday, three cardio and two strength) that was in June and I’m still seeing no result. I’m a female and my height and weight are the exact same plz help

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  • k w
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    nutrition, americans get pathetic nutrition from the best of normal diets, we need more

    minerals, iodine, for adrenals, metabolism, breasts, ovaries, cycle, and much much more...ask at your local health food store.....

    • k w
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      study and learn on your own, I'll pray for you.....

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